How do I choose the best set-up for my office IT?

As you may be aware, there is a vast array of IT hardware and software suppliers across the world.  It can be confusing… is name brand the best, or is the most expensive computer or server what I need?  These are common questions that our customers ask.


TekNet has been providing 20 years of IT consulting services.  We have built networks from two computers up to 2,000.  What is key for your IT solution is based on your business application.  We look at your business model, what it is you are trying to achieve with your service or product sales, your price point and we then build your system with scalability.  This allows your IT system to grow as your business grows over time, not having to replace servers or computers as your company grows.


We even provide ongoing support and maintenance plans for our customers.  This gives peace of mind if something does go wrong, as it can be easily and quickly sorted by our team of engineers.


At TekNet Solutions we have been providing Computer Support and IT Maintenance Services since 1998. During that time we have developed an esteemed reputation for quality network support, IT consultancy and first class after sales support.  If you have any questions about our hardware and software sales, please call is on 0330 024 9447 or email our sales team on [email protected].

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